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We have adventured far and wide in the digital realm since our last Medium update. The blockchain space is truly a maze filled with dangerous pitfalls, poisonous snakes and killer apes. At the center we have found enlightenment: the true source all non-fungible collectibility and utility. So, what did we discover? And what are we doing now?

We can’t wait to show you what we have built!

WAIFU has been developing in stealth with the help of The Arcadia Group and a few select partners. We have some huge news to share once we are cleared by our advisors and legal. But in short there is a revamped website…

It’s been a while since our last Medium update and we have been working diligently to grow our network of creative partners, engage with the wider community on Twitter, and become more visible in the crypto space and beyond! We’ve exploded to new highs on every metric, yet we are confident this is only the beginning. There are a few important questions we have been asking ourselves and discussing with the wider NFT community in light of an explosion in the space of digital collectibles. It seems we are on the brink of a mainstream movement but it’s important to…

Below are our current listings. We are hiring immediately and looking for only the most qualified applicants! All submissions should be directed to Please include a cover letter, your full resume, and make sure to let us know why you think you’re a perfect fit!

We’re trying to make some new friends.

Head of Growth

WAIFU is looking for a director of growth to oversee business development with the aim of creating partnerships that drive awareness and adoption of our e-commerce and digital collectible platform. The Head of Growth will work collaboratively with our co-Founders, Blockchain Engineer, Social Media Strategist and Community Manager to develop a successful user and…





NFTの価値とは?なぜユーザーはアニメのGIFに焦点を当てたプロトコルに関心を持つのでしょうか?なぜERC-20 WAIFが必要なのですか?ユーザーはETHや安定したコインペアLPを入金するだけでHAREMをファームすることができるのに。

以下は、2021年第3四半期までのロードマップの概要です。何ヶ月にもわたって計画、開発、プラットフォームの改善を行ってきたWAIFUは、大きな一歩を踏み出す準備ができたと考えています。自分だけのWAIFを主張する機会の増加、アーティストマーケットプレイス、WAIFとHAREMファームの更新されたトケノミクス、NFTをステークするための全く新しい工夫など、目の肥えたオタクや投資家をも魅了する多くの開発を行っています!WAIFU 2.0の体験を提供していきます。それでは早速見ていきましょう。


It’s here. And boy do we hope you are prepared for this!

POOL DAY is TOMORROW, December 14th. The HAREM farm will begin accepting WAIF and WAIF-ETH LP tokens at 16:00 UTC (11:00 AM EST). Users will be able to access the two pools through our staking website [REDACTED UNTIL 1600 UTC]. What do you need to do to make sure you’re ready? Not much, but let’s dive in!

There will be two different ways to earn HAREM, our non-transferrable token that is only redeemable for NFTs. Liquidity Provider (LP) depositors will receive a 3.3x HAREM bonus in the LP…

Note: Some of the information in this article is outdated for e.g. HAREM emissions and prices of NFTs. Please ask the admin in the Telegram group for up to date emission/NFT price rates.

Oh, Anon — how we have missed you! The WAIFU team has spent the past few months developing our own unique way to stake WAIF tokens and receive highly collectible rewards. The time is finally here to unveil our HAREM farm and some details on this brand new batch of NFTs which will satisfy even the loneliest and most discerning anime fans. No blurred images. No private…

Hey WAIFU community!

It’s been a while! But we’re glad to be back.

We know that we’ve been quiet for more than a week regarding where the project is headed. Come in, sit down, and get comfy while we give you all the news fit to print.

Additions to the Team!

We are happy to announce our new developers. After careful consideration we have selected a company with world class blockchain development resources and security audit capabilities. This software engineering group has worked with Zcoin, LUA, TOMO and now CORE. …

A peek at our exclusive Akeno illustration which has a happy owner!

Welcome to the latest edition of WAIFU Weekly! Sit down, senpai. Here’s a drink. Is there anything else we can get you?

TL;DR: auction was a smashing success, royalty has arrived, waifus are safu, and HOLY $&@! OWC IS GOING TO BE HUGE!


Our third NFT auction concluded this past week and we set a new record for the most valuable NFT in the Waifuverse! The Akeno Himejima NFT auction launched at 1M $WAIF and ended in stunning fashion with a 9M $WAIF winning bid. Congratulations to the lucky anon who is now the owner of this beautiful artwork…

Oh, how we wish summer could never end…

How have you been, anon? I hope you have had a productive past seven days and finished all your chores and made your waifu proud. It has been an exciting week in Waifuverse and we are here to present you with yet another fiiine report!

Listings and liquidity

WAIFers can now trade on three DEX platforms: Uniswap, Balancer and Bamboorelay. We are stoked to provide a new public liquidity pool and decentralized limit-order market for the WAIFU community!

WAIFU Token’s first month is a successful proof of concept by all measures! We have been able to gather a community of like-minded digital art collectors, anime fans and investors across different platforms. Our fully diluted market cap has grown from $0 on August 6th to nearly $3M during peak mania. With nearly 800 wallets and telegram members, thousands of real Twitter followers, and some hardcore fans (we like to call them the Waifu Marines) it’s clear this project is laying the groundwork for explosive growth over the next few months. After all, you’re still here with us and we’ve…


A community-directed project for digital art collectors, investors, and gamers.

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